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We have completed and agreed a Strategic Plan for the work we would like to carry out over the next 5 - 10 years. The document covers both old and new cemeteries and is split into categories, including from maintenance and upkeep to major projects we would like to see happen.


Click here for a summary of the document.



Master Plan

Old Cemetery

A key part of the Master Plan is the work we would like to see done at the cemeteries to raise the profile of both the cemeteries and the Restoration Project as a whole. There are a number of projects we would like to undertake at the Old Cemetery with the intention of making it both more amenable as a place for contemplation and as a part of  a number of UT curriculums.

There are five main parts to our plans for the Old Cemetery, as follows:


Other items such as seating and a footpath from the Old Cemetery to Swan Creek are also included.


Click here for the most recent aerial detail of the footpath

Click here for the layout of our proposed work at the Old Cemetery



Boundary markers

A task we are interested in fast-tracking is moving at least one boundary marker to the Old Cemetery. At present, there are five known boundary markers, taking the form of concrete posts which originally served as fence posts.

Through conversations with the City of Toledo, we would be allowed to relocate three of the five remaining posts, which we have agreement with the relevant property owners to do. The other two posts would have to remain where they are, but could be marked with bronze plaques noting their significance.

We are in the process of talking to the University of Toledo about assistance in relocating these three posts.




TSHCRP is a grass roots organization that welcomes donations to support of our efforts to restore the State Hospital cemeteries. Tax deductible donations can be made to NAMI of Greater Toledo. For more details see our Donating page.