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About Us

Origins of the Toledo State Hospital Cemetery Reclamation Project

Founding member, Larry Wanucha, attended an Ohio Advocates for Mental Health (OAMH) conference in Columbus in the fall of 2005.  Larry Fricks, a consumer advocate from Georgia, began the seminar on medicaid reimbursement of peer support activities by talking about The Georgia State Hospital Cemetery Restoration Project. That project successfully restored six neglected cemeteries on state hospital grounds where up to 30,000 of our brothers and sisters were interred making it, perhaps, the largest graveyard for persons with disability in the world. Wondering whether Toledo had any state hospital cemeteries, Mr. Wanucha, together with a small group of consumers and volunteers began asking questions of local residents, employees of area agencies, and staff of University of Toledo (UT) Heatlh Science campus. Two cemeteries were identified on former state hospital grounds now owned by UT.  Soon tours of the cemeteries were being organized, and people committed to correcting the injustice of years of neglect in the state hospital cemeteries were gathering. 


The Toledo State Hospital Cemetery Restoration Project Project (TSHCRP) now operates under the NAMI of Greater Toledo umbrella, meeting every 2nd Thursday of the month at Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital, the current name for Toledo State Hospital.


To advocate for Toledo State Hospital cemeteries, assuring that all interred there are treated with honor, dignity & respect.

Mission Statement

To preserve the cemeteries and develop them into a place of remembrance and reflection for people who have experienced mental illness, disability, or addiction and their family members.


Locate and preserve grave makers

Preserve and enhance the landscaping in Toledo State Hospital Cemeteries

Improve the accessibility and appeal of cemeteries

Create and maintain memorials and other informational enhancements

To explore and preserve the history of Toledo State Hospital and those who received treatment, lived and worked there

To educate the community about Toledo State Hospital and those interred in its cemeteries

To educate the community and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, disability and addiction issues.



The committee meets on the second Thursday of every month. Bylaws on the committee structure and how to join can be found in the Reclamation Project Bylaws.


Committee members are:

Jane Weber  

Paul Fletcher

Carol Nagy

Mike Young

Gary Wirzylo

Scott Laurie

Donna Martin-Isard

Linda Nieman

Larry Wanucha

Emily  Ruckel

Gloria Wu

Contact Us

For general information about the cemetery project, contact Paul Fletcher at toledostatehospital@bex.net


For comments on what you see or would like to see on the website, or for offers of  time or donations contact toledostatehospital@bex..net

For those seeking information about relatives once hospitalized at Toledo State Hospital, contact toledostatehospital@bex.net. We will confirm your relative is named in the Burial Log and pass on your details to Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital, which is the current name of the state-operated hospital in Toledo who can provide you with limited information about their stay at the hospital.  You must be able to show your relationship to the person before information can be released.

TSHCRP is a grass roots organization that welcomes donations to support of our efforts to restore the State Hospital cemeteries. Tax deductible donations can be made to NAMI of Greater Toledo. For more details see our Donating page.





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