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For General Information

Would you like to talk with someone directly about the Toledo State Hospital Cemeteries? Interested in a public speaker for your event? Contact us at toledostatehopital@bex.net.

If you are trying to find information about someone who was once a patient at Toledo State Hospital, contact toledostatehopital@bex.net


Volunteer Information

The TSH Cemetery Reclamation Project welcomes volunteers of all ages and interests. Please review our volunteer and donation needs below to choose from among a number of opportunities. Volunteer as an individual, with a few friends, or as part of a larger group or organization.


Volunteer Opportunities

1. Locating and Raising Burial Markers: Old Cemetery = 291 found. New cemetery = 982 found, taking our total to 1273. Work will continues this summer. Volunteers are needed.


2. Researching Individuals in Cemeteries: Current volunteer genealogical researchers have established a site at Ancestry.com. Additional help and new information is welcomed.


3. Family Connections: Connections with families of 94 of those buried in the cemeteries, and a further 34 of patients buried elsewhere have been established. Efforts continue to connect with as many as possible. A family member is needed to volunteer to better organize family members and keep them informed through an email newsletter.


4. Web Site Improvements: Work continues to improve the web site, and provide visitors with up-to-date information on this project, as well as information about the history of the hospital. Assistance would be welcomed.


5. Committee Membership: New members to the TSHCRP are welcome if you bring passion for the project and are willing to contribute energy.  Meetings take place once a month, with additional time commitments possible. (One does NOT need to be a member of the committee in order to volunteer for any projects listed here.)

6. Preservation Efforts : Develop method of protecting individual markers and trees from damage from mowers, and bury small metal strips next  to each marker as a method of improving location methods.

For more information on Volunteer Work, click here.


TSHCRP is a grass roots organization that welcomes donations to support of our efforts to restore the State Hospital cemeteries. Tax deductible donations can be made to NAMI of Greater Toledo. For more details see our Donating page.





Donation Information


.More information on projects we require donations for can be found on the “Donating” page. Donations can be made to NAMI of Greater Toledo, 2753 West Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43606 – with a notation in the memo line “TSH Cemetery Reclamation Project”. If you would like your money to go to a specific project, please let us know.


For more information on Donating and our needs, click here.